Rimex specialises in the import and export of cattle from the European Union. It provides integrated, vertical services and monitors the entire process from the selection of animals to their delivery. Animals are selected by experienced staff according to the needs of each client, while the coordination and organisation of the process ensures that all requirements are met.

The choice is yours!

Rimex clients have the opportunity – if they so wish – to select the cattle they are to buy on their own. Rimex remains responsible for the safety and care of the animals until their delivery, while at the same time ensuring that the obligations arising from the law and customs procedures are fulfilled.


Rimex undertakes the transport of live animals and offers a high standard of services, while guaranteeing on-schedule delivery. The main concern of Rimex staff is to care for the animals and ensure ideal conditions for their welfare during their transport. The company's standard vehicles ensure the comfortable transport of animals, as well as ideal health and safety conditions. Animals are transported in accordance with the laws of veterinary services by certified drivers with a licence to transport animals inside and beyond Europe.