"At Rimex we have access to an extensive network of selected suppliers. This allows us to select animals that satisfy your requirements."

RIMEX Livestock Trade


Rimex was founded 15 years ago by the Chrysafoudis brothers with the aim of importing livestock from Germany and the vision of providing selected livestock and support services to Greek livestock farmers in order to aid their growth. The company has since enjoyed great success, providing its services to livestock farmers, cattle farmer cooperatives and livestock traders in Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, Turkey and Russia. Today Rimex is a leader in the import and transport of cattle from Europe, and it transports thousands of selected animals every year to any place in the world due to its excellent organisation, its modern means of transport and strategic collaborations.


The experienced staff of Rimex is dedicated to providing excellent services to its clients, and to the safety and care of animals.

After sales service

Knowing just how important its clients' investment is, Rimex places great emphasis on providing after sales advice. This service is personally handled by the owners of Rimex, and is supported by the specialised know-how of the company's staff.


With offices in Greece and Germany, Rimex manages to provide comprehensive services to its local and international clientele. In 2017 the company made a significant investment in Germany: the construction of a modern facility for the housing and quarantine of animals with a capacity of 400 places, which meets all specifications required by European legislation. There, the animals are prepared for transport, while the company's qualified staff ensures that the hygiene conditions are excellent. The animals are then safely transported in privately-owned vehicles.